How It Works

Whether you are setting up the Wireless Trigger on an existing trap gate, or building/buying a new trap gate, the Wireless Trigger can work for your trapping need.

TrackSide Trapping's Wireless Trigger is operated  by the following:  12V battery (18 ah or greater), prepaid standard SIM card (15mmx25mm) from AT&T, booster antenna, and a solar panel to ensure you keep a constant charge while using the Wireless Trigger.

Once the simple step-by-step instructions for setup have been completed, the Wireless Trigger can be set on your trap gate. Then you will need to setup your desired wireless trail camera (we recommend Spartan GoCam or GoLive) that will send you pictures and/or video when you have movement in your trap. 

Now you are set up and simply need to wait for the target wildlife to start making their way into your trap. Once you are ready to trap what is inside, make the call to your prepaid SIM card number and the trap gate will close in seconds.