General 3G Cellular Trail Camera

General 3G Cellular Trail Camera

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The General 3G cellular trail camera is the most affordable of its kind on the market. Quality has not been compromised with Snyper's development of this great product. Whether you need excellent trigger and sending speed for dropping the gate on a sounder of hogs, or you want to make sure you do not miss that elusive buck you are scouting, Snyper's General 3G is the best choice for you.

Purchase your AT&T data plan at the link below:

Make sure you have the camera IMEI number (sticker located on the bottom of the box) and the SIM card ICCID number when purchasing your service plan at the link above.

The General 3G specifications and Quick Start Guide are in the product images. 

For those that do not want to deal with setting up a cellular trail camera, let us take care of the accessories/setup and send you a complete package ready to send pictures and place in the field. With the Ready-To-Go Package you get your General 3G in the mail (or hand delivered) and all you have to do is turn it on and hang it at your desired location. The Ready-To-Go Package includes the following:

-12 premium lithium batteries

-8 GB SD card

-General 3G camera completely setup with your phone number to send pictures to both your phone (via text message if you have AT&T, Verizon, or TMobile phone service) and the Snyper Hunting app.

If you choose the RTG package, you will receive an email with instructions to purchase your data package through the above link for AT&T Buy a Session ($25/3 months or $75/year). Once you have activated your account we will get your camera set up and shipped out!

Also we have a General 3G Deluxe RTG that includes a solar panel and dual t-post in addition to the RTG package.