Swine Slammer - An Innovative Drop Trap Design to Cage Down Hogs

Swine Slammer - An Innovative Drop Trap Design to Cage Down Hogs

As the technology is getting advanced with time, everything is getting automized. With that, cell phone-activated hog trap door technology has made the way that is embedded with extraordinary functionality. It’s just a matter of trip, and the hog trap door gets shut down in a second through the cell phone. Though many people call this a drop trap in Brenham, the exact name is swine slammer.

This cell phone-activated hog trap door has offered convenience to the landowners or farm owners as they do not have to wake up at midnight to close the traps as everything is now automized with a trigger. As the hog trap keeps hanging in the air, the hogs will come straight to the point where the trap is installed, and it will fall straight on once the complete herd of wild pigs is in the center area.

FYI, the swine slammer drop trap is triggered with a trip stick, but its performance is more effective than the corral trap as it will ultimately combat the whole group of wild hogs. The wildlife is now very cautious of getting trapped anytime to don’t take a foot ahead to have the food offered to them. But the option of using a drop trap in Brenham will surely fulfill your desire as the hogs make a visit to the trap area without sensing any threat with a swine slammer hanging above and a sudden trigger trap the whole group in a flash.

Essential Attributes of Swine Slammer Drop Trap

Swine slammer drop trap is quite effective than Corral trap with headgates where cell phone activated hog trap door work as per the trigger. There can be a case like some group members get trapped, and others get cautious of the same. That’s not the case with swine slammer drop trap as you can switch the trigger when the whole group of hogs is in the target area so that they can be trapped quickly and loaded into the truck in quick time and transported before the other group comes

Swine slammer drop trap in Brenham is available with several dealers, and you being a landowner, can shop it online after checking its specifications. Being 12” in diameter and 5” tall with the internal ring, it is best for hog trapping, and the wild pigs can jump out even after several attempts. You can easily roll the trap in the Trailor to transport the hogs to another area to keep the cage ready for trapping the other group of wild pigs. Trackside trapping is one such shopping portal from where you can place an order just sitting at home by paying a reasonable amount