Wireless Trigger/Cellular Camera Combo

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This is a combination package that includes our Wireless Trigger and the Spartan AT&T 4G cellular trail camera.

Instead of simply selling you our affordable and efficient Wireless Trigger, we have bundled an even more affordable package so that you do not need to shop around for a cellular game camera.

If you want us to provide all batteries required and perform the setup for your phone number(s) in the Wireless Trigger, select the Ready-To-Go package. This will include:

  • premium lithium batteries for camera
  • 8 GB SD card
  • authorized numbers programmed into Wireless Trigger
  • 12V 18 ah SLA deep cycle battery to operate Wireless Trigger
  • AT&T GoPhone SIM card preloaded for 3 months service to operate your Wireless Trigger 
  • All you have to do is setup your camera's data plan when you receive the combo ($25/3 months or $75/year are the data package prices)