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Instructions to Renew Service on Wireless Trigger Prepaid Number

  1. Call AT&T Prepaid: 1-800-901-9878
  2. Enter Wireless Trigger prepaid phone number
  3. Select “Balance & Payments”
  4. Select “Make a Payment”
  5. Your passcode/PIN is the last four digits of Wireless Trigger’s phone number
  6. Make your selected payment amount ($10/30 days of service, $25/90 days of service, $100/one year of service).
  7. AT&T also give the option to setup AutoPay where they will automatically make the same payment at the time of the numbers expiration.

Instructions to Get a New Prepaid Number and SIM Card (when you WT number has been expired for >60 days)

  1. Get IMEI number off of control board in Wireless Trigger
  2. Go to AT&T retail store and tell them you need to get a new Prepaid number for a device that takes the Standard SIM card (largest of their three)
  3. Tell them you have the device’s IMEI number
  4. You want the $0.25/min plan (voice and text only)
  5. Load $25 for 90 days service or $100 for a year of service


The following video link is helpful to setup your new Spartan 4G GoCam:

TERMS OF SERVICE: All electronic components are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase. All camera products have a warranty through camera manufacture. No refunds.