Instructions to Renew Service on Wireless Trigger Prepaid Number

  1. Call AT&T Prepaid: 1-800-901-9878
  2. Enter Wireless Trigger prepaid phone number
  3. Select “Balance & Payments”
  4. Select “Make a Payment”
  5. Your passcode/PIN is 0868
  6. Make your selected payment amount ($30/1 month).
  7. AT&T also give the option to setup AutoPay where they will automatically make the same payment at the time of the numbers expiration.

Instructions to Get a New Prepaid Number and SIM Card (when you WT number has been expired for >60 days)

  1. Get IMEI number off of control board in Wireless Trigger
  2. Go to AT&T retail store and tell them you need to get a new Prepaid number for a device that takes the Standard SIM card (largest of their three)
  3. Tell them you have the device’s IMEI number
  4. You want the $30/month prepaid plan
  5. You will need to put the SIM card in a AT&T phone and call the 800 number above to reset the PIN and set the plan to AutoPay


The following video link is helpful to setup your new Spartan 4G GoCam:

TERMS OF SERVICE: All electronic components are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase. All camera products have a warranty through camera manufacture. No refunds.  

Wireless Trigger is not responding to the call function:

  1. Ensure the system is powered on. You should see red flashing lights on the green control board. If they are not flashing then check the solar charge controller to make sure the power is on (you should see 0.0 A under Output Current in the top right corner).
  2. Ensure the battery is showing at least 12.1 V on the solar charge controller. If the voltage is low check your solar panel connection to ensure it is charging properly. The solar charge controller will show a charging current in the top left corner of the screen. If it shows a moon symbol then the battering is not being charged from the solar panel.
  3. If you have power to the cellular control board (green board) then you may need to check your AT&T service to ensure the prepaid number is active. Call the 800 number listed above.