TrackSide Trapping Wireless Trigger

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TrackSide Trapping is helping you out with an affordable wireless trap trigger. You will be able to make a phone call to drop/close the gate on your trap. The Wireless Trigger can be attached to any of your existing traps or one you have in mind to build. This product is meant to give those trappers out there an affordable approach to effectively catching their target wildlife species. If you have any questions please refer to our contact page for our contact information.

The Wireless Trigger must work in conjunction with a cellular trail camera, or some other means of knowing what is the trap so you know when to drop the gate. If you do not have a cellular trail camera, we recommend going with our Trigger/Camera combo package which includes Snyper Hunting Product's General 3G.

If you would like us to setup your first three months of service, program your authorized numbers, and provide the 18 ah battery; Select the Ready-To-Go Package and all you have to do is attach it to your head gate when it comes in the mail!