Swine Slammer

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The Swine Slammer is an innovative hog trap design that lifts the entire trap in the air and the trap will drop straight down when tripped. 

The hog trap is tripped with a traditional trip stick, similar to a box trap, but it's performance has proven to be much more effective due to the innovative design. For those trap smart hogs that just won't go into a corral trap, and definitely won't step foot in a box trap, this is the option for you.

Also, for the landowners/trappers who do not want to wake up in the middle of the night to close their traps, this is a great alternative that still allows you to combat the feral hog population.

Trap details:

  • 12' in diameter
  • 5' tall
  • 36" ground clearance when fully raised
  • Internal ring to keep hogs from jumping out
  • Can be rolled onto a trailer for moving (just like a hay ring), or it can be taken apart to relocate to next trapping location