Wireless Trigger - Camera - Headgate Combo

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This combo package will include: TrackSide Trapping's Wireless Trigger, Spartan 4G cellular trail camera, and 6' wide x 5' tall guillotene-style headgate. All details for the Wireless Trigger and Spartan 4G can be found on their product pages. 

This combo package also includes:

  • premium lithium batteries for camera
  • 8 GB SD card for camera
  • authorized numbers programmed into Wireless Trigger
  • 12V 18 ah SLA deep cycle battery to operate Wireless Trigger
  • AT&T GoPhone SIM card preloaded for 3 months service to operate trigger. After 3 months you will add more time following the instructions provided ($25/3 months or $100/year)

The Wireless Trigger and Spartan 4G camera operate on separate wireless accounts. Upon receipt of your camera you will be able to set up the data plan with instructions provided from Spartan. The data plans are $25/3 months service or $75/year.

The price is for pick up in Brenham, TX. We can also quote shipping rates to anywhere in the United States. The headgate can be shipped to any business with a forklift, or it can be delivered to your closest freight center  and picked up from there. Call Thomas at 979-451-9115 for sales inquiries. 

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